I’m an elegance coach – five popular trends that are making you look tacky, a common dress design is a no-no | The Sun

FROM your sunglasses to your shoes, what you wear might be making you look tacky.

An elegance expert has shared the five popular trends that are bringing down the tone of your look.

In her video, TikTok user Antonia Higham (@antoniahigham) revealed the "five things elegant ladies never wear."

For her first tip, the TikToker advised her followers to steer clear of "huge flashy sunglasses."

She showed an example of large oversized black-and-white Gucci frames.

Antonia also recommended avoiding wearing ripped or distressed jeans.

According to the expert, the popular style does not help to convey a classy image.

Next, she revealed the popular dress print that elegant ladies should never wear.

Antonia showed her audience an image of a model wearing a ditsy floral dress, which she called tacky.

Chunky loafers are also a no-go when it comes to elegant dressing, according to the content creator.

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Finally, Antonia tackled the jersey pants, the popular flared style that has gone in and out of fashion for decades.

TikTok users took to the comments section to share their thoughts on the fashion advice.

"Ripped jeans, screams 'I’m not classy,'" wrote one viewer.

Another follower wrote: "Love it all. To each his own. Gotta know how to MAKE it elegant but thanks!"

"Guess I’m not elegant then because it’s 110 degrees in central Texas and holey jeans are air-conditioned," commented a third person.

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