I’m an etiquette expert & here are the five things you should NEVER do at a mate’s BBQ – they’re totally unforgivable | The Sun

IF you asked us to describe our perfect summer's day, it would involve chilling out in our mate's garden and tucking into a few burgers.

But while we always thought BBQs were pretty chilled out occasions (if you can even call them that), etiquette expert Diane Gottsman says there are some sacred etiquette rules that still apply.

In a recently resurfaced interview on San Antonio Living, The Protocol School of Texas creator shared the five unforgivable things people do as guests.

First up, Diane said it's absolutely unacceptable to turn to a BBQ with extra guests.

She explained: "Even if [you're going to a family member's house], you don't bring the neighbours, the neighbour's kids, two dogs – no surprise visitors.

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"Because [the host] wants to make sure that they have enough food for all their guests."

Although we all know it's polite to bring some food to a BBQ, Diane said people often won't buy enough for every guest – which is a BIG faux pas.

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She continued: "If you say, 'I'm going to bring the fried chicken', that doesn't mean just enough for your family.

"And if you think there's 10 people, make sure you bring enough for 15 because you never know."

And while a BBQ might seem like quite a relaxed affair, Diane says it's crucial that you turn up on time – especially if you're contributing towards the food.

She added: "Come a little bit early to set up the table.

"The host will be waiting around and it will really make it look like they're not prepared when the table is not ready."

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As a guest, Diane said you have to let the host lead the way when it comes to what they want to cook first on the BBQ.

"Make sure you're not forcing your way onto the grill," she said. "But if you want to be a really great guest – offer to clean up!"

The 5 common BBQ ‘mistakes’ people make

  1. Turning up with extra guests
  2. Not bringing enough food for everyone there
  3. Arriving late
  4. Forcing their way onto the grill
  5. Not offering to clean up

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