I'm an etiquette guru… from Lynx Africa to a mug, the gifts for your man that are common – & what to buy instead | The Sun

WITH heaps of gifts to buy for your loved ones, the festive period can turn out quite stressful and hectic.

And sometimes despite your best efforts to find the ultimate present your man will love, it can leave quite a tacky aftertaste- Lynx Africa set, we're looking at you.

To make the shopping frenzy a little less all over the place, the team at Fabulous spoke to William Hanson, a renowned etiquette expert.

So, whether you stick to aftershave sets or reckon a pair of boxers is the safest choice to put under the Christmas tree, here are some of William's biggest present faux pas…

What to avoid at all costs?

''The worst gifts for men are those that pander to a stereotype of the lay-about slob with no aspirations, finesse or taste. 

''Remote control holders, for example. Beer mat coasters. A month's supply of beer,'' the guru noted.

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The list doesn't end there, as William added: ''Mugs with untested proclamations such as 'World's Best Dad' and the like.''

It's safe to say that despite being favoured by many as the easiest option, William also wouldn't be particularly pleased to find a box of Lynx Africa with his name pencilled all over.

''Lynx Africa is the gift one gets a teenage male one doesn't know very well – or want to know. 

''Being gifted such appalling-smelling deodorant beyond the age of 21 is as tragic as it is insulting. 

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''Why people revert or defer to a cliched, outdated image of what a man is or should be is perplexing. 

''Men are – like all humans – complicated and nuanced,'' he explained.

The easiest option here, the guru added, is simply asking your loved ones for a wish list – this will both spare you from a headache running around and will also make the recipient happy.

What are the alternatives?

In William's eyes, you're better off not giving anything altogether rather than give something that's ''naff, misses the mark and won't get used''. 

Instead of wasting money, the etiquette expert believes a card with ''some heartfelt words'' will be more appreciated.

''Or, another idea if money is short, is to do something that involves spending time with the male recipient: a long country stroll, ending with a nice cream tea at the end, for example.''

For those who insist on giving something in a physical format, there are a few options that won't rob the bank, such as vouchers.

''Gift vouchers aren't always the resort of the lazy, unless they are generic ones. 

''It is better to find a specific shop or brand you know they like and add a handwritten card saying 'we thought you could put this towards re-decorating your bedroom', for example.''

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