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ALL retailers are not made equal, according to an interior design pro.

Over on her TikTok where she shares her interior design opinions, Kate Fuller has named the store that she thinks has the potential to make your home look tacky.

While Hobby Lobby is primarily an arts-and-crafts store, it's also known for its seasonal and home decor.

Fuller made a TikTok video implying that Hobby Lobby decor is "unoriginal and tacky."

She emphasized that it's simply not for her, and told viewers that she prefers H&M home.

People in the comments section of Fuller's video agreed with her take.

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"I agree that Hobby Lobby is tacky and honestly, cheaply made. But it’s the closest thing to me," wrote one.

"It is tacky," added a second.

"Agree," a third said.

If you're trying to dodge tacky decor altogether, an interior designer previously listed some things that make your home look cheap.

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"First up, is humanity's biggest crime: matching furniture sets," interior expert Jordan told his TikTok viewers.

He continued: "Curating different pieces might sound challenging, but I promise you your space will look well-thought-out and a lot more personal."

Jordan also suggested taking a look at your kitchen cabinets.

"Secondly, upper kitchen cabinets with that awkward space between the ceiling. By closing this gap with a soffit or molding, your kitchen will look super custom and bougie," he explained.

"If not, at least try to fill it with some finds and books."

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