I'm an interior designer & there are 7 mistakes people make with their Xmas decorations – and they make you look tacky

WHEN decorating your house for Christmas, there's one thing we can all agree on – it never feels like it's enough.

Seeing all the celebrities go over the top and spend thousands on decorations, it's easy to think that's something's missing – so you just keep on adding more and more.

But, according to an expert, this is not always the answer.

''The basic rule is less is more'', says Sylvia James,''You run the risk of looking tacky if you over splurge.''

Sylvia, who's an interior designer at HomeHow, has revealed the top things to avoid when decorating the house – unless you want to appear tacky.


The number one thing is going overboard.

She admits: ''It can be hard to limit your decoration purchasing, especially if you have so many ideas and want to integrate them all.''

To avoid this, stick to one theme and aesthetic for a consistent look and try to minimise the use of textures and materials.

The second pet peeve, according to her, is choosing a tree topper that is to scale with your tree. 

''Leaving it until the last minute without any thought will result in a topper that is disproportionate and using the same one with a different tree is lazy,'' she explains.

''Invest in a few different shapes and sizes and continue adding more to the collection as the years go by.''

One of the most important things, Sylvia emphasises, is having a plan – this will make things easier for you once you start the decorating process.

''It’s important to know what you will put in each room and the colour schemes to work with.

''Walking around the house and putting holly bushes in the corner doesn’t execute a well-planned design.''

A simple plan, for example, an all red and silver colour scheme, will help to shape your festive plan.

The fourth tip to improve the overall feel is changing family photos – when's the last time you did that?

''Try to swap any family summer holiday pictures with festive alternatives.

''Shots of last year’s festive activities, such as the family at ice skating, will add an individualised touch to your home.''

An often overlooked change, it’s a great way to cherish the precious memories and start a new tradition.

Remember what Ashley Patterson mentioned about over-cluttering space?

Same applies for Christmas decorations.

For this, Sylvia recommends a simple trick: ''To have the best perspective, take a picture of your display after you put it together so you can see the look from a different angle.''

This might make you realise you have to remove lights or wreaths to tone down the look.

''If you want to add a festive touch to each area, add metallic accents.

''Simple additions like gold-faceted bowls have a subtle yet strong Christmas feel.''

Another big no-no is having decorations that can be put in any house in the world – they're generic and give your house no character.

''Whether you have kids or live at home with your parents, everyone can make their decorations look personal to them.

''Spend time investing in personal baubles, stockings and even integrating photos into memorabilia.''

Last but not least is not having a clean slate to begin with – if you're setting up your festive decorations around dust and clutter, it will look all over the place.

''Take time to give your home a thorough clean and you’ll notice the difference at the end!''

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