I’m an interior designer, why you should never paint a feature wall in your home – but there’s one exception to the rule | The Sun

IT’S not unusual to have a painted feature wall in your home, whether it’s in the living room or bedroom. 

But an interior designer has now shared how this should be avoided at all costs if you “want to take your house to the next level” – apart from in one particular circumstance. 

TikTok user and home expert House of D3 Interior Design, shared her advice in a series called “Top 10 Best Kept Interior Design Secrets”, saying how it was a “game changer.” 

The influencer, who can be found at @houseofd3, explained: “Interior designers rarely do accent walls.

“Instead, we take a concept, colour, or a wood finish and we saturate the entire room.”

House of D3 Interior Design then went on to lift the lid on why painted feature walls fail to impress.

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Describing the look as “undone”, she continued: “You see, accent walls just make you feel half way in with the design – like maybe you were unsure and didn’t really go for it.

“While saturating the room in a wood trim or colour ups the aesthetic and makes it feel complete.”

The home expert then shared how many interior designers feel there is just one time when a feature wall should be used.

She revealed: “The only situation that accent walls normally work is when there’s an accent wall intentionally put to create a focal point and the rest of the room is enhanced in other features.”

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House of D3 Interior Design’s loyal fan base were quick to have their say on the interior trend, as many agreed with her way of thinking.

One wrote: “I agree, they look cheap.” A second said: “I’ve always hated accent walls but never knew why and now this makes so much sense.”

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A fellow interior designer chimed in to the conversation as she added: “Yes I hate accent walls!”

She followed up her comment by saying: “I always talk my clients out of them.”

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