I’m called the Pizza Hut girl because of how I tie my old work apron – I basically make it a corset, everyone copies me | The Sun

A WOMAN has gained popularity online because of the way she ties her apron at work. 

TikTok user hypochondrimaxx2.0 has dubbed herself the Pizza hut girl after going viral for the way she ties her apron at work. 

In a recent video online she said: “I don't work in Pizza hut anymore but I kept the apron. I use them to paint now.”

The account user said: “Thought I’d bring it back since I wear it every time I paint but yes I am the Pizza Hut girl.”

Pizza hut girl came to fame when she shared a video online showing how she ties her apron. 

Instead of simply tying it round the back. She pulls the strap as tight as she can round the back and to the front. 

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Once tied at the front of the Pizza Hut girl shows her amazing figure. 

The account user's video was stitched dozens of times with other users attempting to recreate the Pizza Hut girls' snatched look. 

Hypochondrimaxx2.0’s video gained over 2.4 million views 

Viewers were obsessed with Pizza hut girls' apron tying method.  

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One commenter said: “No one is on your level PERIOD.”

Another commenter said: “Everyone’s gonna be on their way to pizza hut now.”

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The look has been nicknames the 'The BBL Apron!!'

Many other users said they used the BBL apron method in their service jobs to get better tips. 

One commenter said: “The bbl apron carried me through college.”

A second commenter said: “I used to do this with my maccas [McDonald's] apron when I was Skinner.”

Another commenter said: “The bbl apron method was how we upped our tip income at starbs [Starbucks]tbh [To be honest].”

Some viewers refused to believe the video was real. 

One commenter said: “She's wearing a waist trainer.”

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