I’m midsize and found flattering jeans in size 10 from Kohl’s — they make my butt look the best | The Sun

THE PERFECT denim is on every fashionista's wish list for fall, and one midsize beauty has found the perfect fit.

Lexx Aguirre is a fashion pro from Los Angeles who took to TikTok to share her fall fashion finds.

At 5"9' and a size 10, she considers herself midsize.

She's a fan of Levi's, and recently bought several pairs of their jeans from Kohl's.

"The number one reason why I will always be a Levi's fan is because of this seam right there," she said while pointing to a seam on the back of her jeans.

"That's what's going to make your jeans look the most flattering and your butt look the best," she said.


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In addition to the flattering construction of the denim, Aguirre also praised the versatility of the color options.

"I also really love how all their washes are very classic and timeless," she said.

"They'll go with so many different things in your closet," she added.

Specifically, she purchased Levi's Low Pro jeans, $79.50, in three different washes: Charlie Glow Up, Breath Out, and Charlie Finsta.

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Aguirre pointed out the timelessness of the classic American denim brand.

"So the best part really is that Levi's never go out of style," she said. "You can re-wear them year after year."

Finally, she commended the durability of the Levi's brand, which is available at Kohl's.

"They're made with 100% cotton so they're going to last," she added.

Fashionistas praised Aguirre's detailed review.

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"I was influenced immediately and bought them as soon as I watched this," one follower commented.

"They look amazing on you! I'm running to get them," wrote another.

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