I’m mortified by my misspelled tattoo – I have absolutely no excuse, it's there for an eternity | The Sun

AN INFLUENCER has shared her tattoo disaster with fans, saying it left her feeling totally mortified.

She said she had absolutely no excuse for the misspelling of her son's name, but was gutted to be stuck with it for an eternity.

Aaryn's (@aarryn.mc) tattoo fail post struck a chord with nearly 60,000 liking it and hundreds commenting.

Many commenters shared their own sorry tattoo woes, that may have given Aaryn some comfort.

She is one popular lady with over 1.7 million followers and another whopping 36 million likes.

Ink art covers her body, so she was no stranger to a tattoo parlor. But she was unprepared for the disaster that awaited her.

“Worst case scenario, when getting someone’s name tattooed on you?" she asked her viewers.

“It’s not breaking up," she insisted. Even worse, she said was "spelling it wrong.”

That's what happened to Aaryn when she went to get her son's name inked on and it didn't end well. "I am mortified," she cried.

“Now you imagine you’re going to get your children’s names tattooed on you and you don’t realize, after looking at all the stencils to pick the right size, that it is spelled wrong," she explained.

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She just missed the glaring error. "They place the stencil you still don’t f*cking see it. They tattoo the f*cking thing on you, you still don’t see it."

It was far too late to do anything about it by the time she noticed.

“[It wasn't] until I took the bandage off and you go to take pictures of it that I saw that my son’s name was spelled wrong."

Her son Michael had been spelled Micheal.

Aaryn was still in shock and hasn't decided what to do about it yet. But there was one thing that was certain. “For an eternity on your f*cking arm.”

“I have absolutely no excuse for this one," she said with honest despair.

Many commenters had their own tattoo mishaps. Aaryn was not alone.

“It’s ok," said this fan. "My dad asked my son to spell his so he could go and get it tattooed. Well, he did but my child spelled it wrong.”

This follower had a similar experience: “I got my son’s birthday in Roman numerals and only when I was explaining the numbers to someone a week later [did] I notice it was the wrong month."

This woman felt sorry for Aaryn and understood how easily these things happened.

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“My husband has all four of our kids – two on each forearm, each spanning elbow to wrist. I proofread those eight times over each."

But the final comment may have given her some comfort. “My husband’s name is Micheal and that’s how he spells it."

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