I’m obsessed with tackiness & even blinged up my half of the car to be pink and sparkly – people say I have no taste | The Sun

A WOMAN who is a big fan of the colour pink has shown how she’s taken her obsession to the next level.

Lucy has always wanted to stand out from the crowd and favours sparkly and blingy over boring and plain. 

So it was no real surprise when the social media user decided to show off the results of her recent car makeover.

Lucy, who can be found via her TikTok profile @_fallingasleep, revealed she’d decorated her side of the vehicle.

This included adding gems to the passenger seat and all around it and sparkly shoe brooch style items placed inside the airbag vents to decorate them. 

She also stuck a bright pink sticker to the passenger seat mirror which read ‘passenger princess’. 

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And Lucy completed the over the top look with a pink and silver coaster in her drinks holder, more sparkly stickers and a pink, velvet seat belt holder and furry cushion.

Many people loved that she’d given the car her own personal stamp.

One person wrote: “This is SO cute, omg.”

A second said: “Love it!”

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Countless others also said that she’d convinced them to do this in their own cars too.

However, others weren’t so convinced by Lucy’s bold vision.

Some branded it as “trash” and another didn’t hold back when they said that the whole thing, in their opinion, looked “tacky.” 

But showing she didn’t care about the trolls’ opinion, Lucy hit back and told her 47.6k followers that their comments only spur her on.

In a video directed to the person who described her pink, sparkly theme as “tacky”, she replied: “I love decorating things.

“If it’s not pink and sparkly, I don’t want it.”

Lucy continued: “And when someone tells me that something I’ve decorated is tacky, I’m like,” as she excitedly screamed. 

She then added: “That’s when I know I’ve done the job right… I just love tacky things. I love it looking tacky.”

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The TikToker went on to say at the end: “Like, tackiness is a vibe.”

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