I'm team no bra and grew my boobs naturally from a B to a DD – my secret hack will help you go up a cup size | The Sun

A WOMAN who claims to be "team no bra" claims to have grown her boobs naturally from a B cup to a DD by following a secret hack.

TikToker @drvalen revealed her hack in a recent video.

"Okay so I'm gonna tell you how I grew my boobs from like a B cup to a double almost – I would say I'm like a double D now," she began her video.

"But I don't like wearing bras, so I don't know.

"So the first thing I did was include dairy back in my life cause I was vegan," she shared.

"That made my boobs grow a lot.

"I worked out and I eat very clean and adding dairy just made them grow," she claimed.

"I'm still like leaning out so I'm not like just fat.

"It's like I'm leaning out and I'm getting boobs from the dairy."

She continued to share more about her transformation, saying she now has a smaller waist and bigger boobs.

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"It's a cute look, you know," she said.

"Also not wearing bras at all.

"I will literally never wear a bra and I've just noticed that my boobs grow as well," she claimed.

"It stops like the lymphatic system from like letting them breathe.

"So don't wear bras, eat dairy."

But there's a catch – she said the dairy has to be farm fresh.

"Because if you go to like … Target, Publix, Walmart, anything like that, their dairy is s***.

"It has so many like bad ingredients, so many hormones," she claimed.

The TikToker's video has been viewed more than 41,000 times.

People in the comments seemed to appreciate the TikToker's advice.

"thank you so much for this," one person wrote.

"Will almond milk work still? (I'm not a fan of plain milk, but I do eat dairy ex. yogurt, ice cream, other dairy products)," another asked.

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"No almond isn’t at nutritional," the TikToker replied.

The TikToker's claims have not been backed up by a medical professional.

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