I'm told my outfits are 'inappropriate' because I'm an attorney but I don't care, I'm a normal person | The Sun

YOU probably have thought you're more than just your job title, even if people don't see you as such.

One attorney has been told she dresses inappropriately for her profession, even after work, and she posted a video response proving she didn't care because she's a normal person.

Rachel Rese doesn't let her career define her, but other people do.

Although she knows she isn't required to wear a straight-ironed pantsuit every day, some individuals think she should.

Rachel posted a TikTok addressing a comment she's received about the way she dresses outside of the courtroom.

The remark reads: "Wow. OK, totally inappropriate outfits for a lawyer to be wearing. Where is the Bar association?"


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Rachel stands in front of the camera wearing ripped blue jeans, a black tank top, and an army green jacket with stars.

She's sipping on a bubbly yellow drink.

"People think that attorneys have to dress and act a certain way when they're not working and be professionally 24/7," she proclaims.

Rachel turns to face the camera fully.

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"Me: a normal person wearing whatever the f**k I want outside of work," she says.

Her powerful message was heard by her viewers loud and clear.

Women in varying careers reached out and let her know they've gotten the same criticism.

"Teacher here. We get the same. God forbid I wear a bathing suit. To the pool/beach," one frustrated commenter expressed.

Another follower wrote: "Preach sister! Professionals don't work all the time. we are humans too!"

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"I strive to have your same mentality every single day! Thank you for not caring what people think," one inspired professional added.

A shocked viewer commented: "People think the bar association regulates what lawyers wear?!"

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