I’m trolled because my baby goes to bed at midnight but I don’t care, I take her on a 10.30pm walk every night too | The Sun

A US mum has come under fire after revealing she lets her baby go to bed at midnight.

Victoria Yavnyi, from New York, the US, is a mum-of-two and certainly knows how difficult being a parent can sometimes get.

Trying to make her and her husband's life a little easier, Victoria revealed she puts her child to bed around midnight.

Explaining her thinking behind this decision, the 24-year-old said that she had never understood those mums and dads who put their children to bed at 7pm in the evening.

''That just means when they have their full 12 hours of sleep, they would wake up at 7am.''

With the couple being stay-at-home parents, Victoria said this wasn't ''very necessary''.

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She continued in the video: "As long as the baby has their needed amount of sleep the time you put them to bed doesn't matter.

"Time is a man-made thing, so she sleeps from 12am to 1pm and that is what works for our family."

Once the baby daughter wakes up at around 1pm, Victoria will make breakfast, which the little tot will munch on until almost 2pm, when then two have playtime together.

Just before 3pm, the mum revealed, they will get ready to go to the park and then pick up her sister.

After watching some TV, Victoria will put the youngest of Yavnyis to bed for nap time.

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Not long after, once the family has had their dinner, Victoria will pop out out for a walk with the baby at 10.30pm, strolling around the streets of New York.

Despite the mum claiming this routine worked for their family, the majority of viewers disapproved of her putting the baby to bed that late.

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"That is such irresponsible parenting. you are selfish and clearly not ready to be a mum,'' one person commented.

Another added: "You are setting her circadian rhythms now for the rest of her life, it's not about what is convenient for you."

"So basically you have decided to give the baby a sleep cycle of an unhealthy teen so you don't have to parent for the first six hours of the day,'' a third thought.

However, it wasn't all negative feedback, as some users defended the mum's parenting method and agreed that each family is different.

"I like this idea, I used to always put my first baby to bed late too (9pm to 10pm), I've never had so much sleep in all my life, it was the best!" one mum penned.

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A second agreed:"I work from home and my baby sleeps from 11pm to 11am, it allows me to wake up, clean the house, make all my calls for work and she wakes up right on time for us."

''Yep! My son is on a 10pm to 10am schedule and we love it!" a fellow parent added.

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