Influencer is roasted for tone-deaf dance video explaining her kids’ custody arrangement | The Sun

AN influencer who's in the midst of a high-profile divorce has shared details of her kids' custody arrangement on TikTok.

But though the subject was a serious one, Taylor Paul, 28, baffled viewers with her bizarre delivery.

In May, Utah mom Taylor announced that she was splitting from her husband Tate Taylor.

The couple shares two children, ages four and two.

Commenting on a recent video, a fan asked about who would be getting custody of the kids.

Taylor soon responded with a new video explaining the arrangement while performing a sexy dance for the camera.

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In the clip, she wears shorts and a crop top, and bites her lip and flirts with the camera as she does the Time X Kashy dance challenge.

Though she seems to be concentrating on looking good, she edited in details of the custody arrangement with text on the screen.

It explains that she and her ex are doing three days on, three days off with their kids.

Viewers were confused, amused, and disgusted by the video.

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"This is giving the same energy as the girl who was dancing in the NICU with her son hooked up to tubes,' wrote one.

"Is it something to dance to?" asked another, while a third wondered, "Girl who is this for lol."

"This is funny because why are you busting it down while explaining custody of ur kids," one more commenter chimed in.

"Everyone’s different but as a divorced mother of two, I wasn’t doing TikTok dances celebrating being a part-time mom. My kids miss me every day," said yet another critic.

A few made jokes about how the arrangement seems to only account for six days of the week.

"They spend day 7 with the winner of the dance battle," quipped one.

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