Inside glam life of Italy's Instagram princess Vittoria of Savoy – the ‘rock n’ roll’ student who could be queen at 19 | The Sun

SHOWING off her glamorous influencer life of parties and holidays on Instagram, Vittoria di Savoy is living the teenage dream.

Now she also is also in line to be queen of Italy aged 19 as the first female heir in 1,000 years following a surprise change of law.

Prince Emanuele Filiberto of Savoy, 50, has said his daughter Princess Vittoria would thrive as queen and put "modern ideas" into practice.

But the 19-year-old is living luxuriously in the meantime, and boasts over 80,000 followers on Instagram, where she provides a sneak peek into her life.

The young princess is a political science and art history student in London, and loves fashion.

Her dad affectionately calls her "the rock n' roll" princess, and Vittoria even graced the cover of Vanity Fair in France.


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Previously shared photos on the princess' accounts reveal her to be an aspiring model who enjoys a night out with friends.

In one snap, the young princess donned a large pair of sunglasses as she posed with a designer bag.

Another photo shows the royal donning a bright pattern bikini in a gorgeous tropical location.

A recent video showed the glam princess strutting into Paris fashion house Maison de Beaute Carita.

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Stepping out of a sleek black car, the princess opted for a black heel and trench coat.

Despite the young princess' popularity on Instagram, Italy has not had a working monarchy since it was abolished in a referendum in 1946.

The idea of a monarchy remains relatively unpopular in the country, but Prince Emanuele, the eldest grandson of Italy's last king Umberto II, has remained optimistic.

The royal family was exiled from Italy after it was abolished, but King Umberto II, was allowed to return home as his dying wish.

Prince Emanuele recently told The Telegraph: "In a few years time there will be more Queens than Kings in Europe.

"People are now understanding, even if it is a bit belated, that the intelligence and sensitivity of a woman makes them great leaders."

Vittoria is now able to become "queen" thanks to the change to an ancient law known as the Salic Law.

The law formerly barred females from inheriting royal titles, but now she could take the throne after her grandfather changed it.

And Vittoria seems ready to take on the challenge, and told the New York Times in 2021 that changing the Salic Law was the "best gift my grandfather could give me".

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