Ivanka Trump Spotted Wearing Pantsuit From Popular Designer Who Refused To Dress Melania

The designer also reportedly asked, “How do we bring Donald Trump down?”

All eyes were on Ivanka Trump Friday as she sported a flattering off-the-shoulder pantsuit designed by Gabriela Hearst to a formal event in Buenos Aires. However, the choice in fashion was a head-scratcher for several reasons. For one, Gabriela Hearst has long been a vocal critic of Ivanka’s father’s politics; another is that the designer’s 2017 line was designed with female Democrat Senators such as Kamala Harris and Senator Tammy Duckworth in mind. Also importantly, Hearst refused to dress the current first lady.

In fact, when she was asked if she would dress Melania Trump, she said, “If they want to wear the clothes, they can buy the clothes.”

On the other hand, Gabriela Hearst, who draws her creative inspirations from Democrat politicians, told Yahoo Finance that she would have dressed Hillary Clinton if she had won the 2016 presidential election. She told the news outlet, “Before we were thinking about dressing Hillary and now it’s like, how do we bring Donald Trump down?”

“Women that put their strength and their qualities in the service of others seemed like a good reference to keep us motivated,” Hearst added.

Gabriela Hearst is additionally a huge advocate of the nonprofit organization Planned Parenthood, even though President Trump has promised to defund them. Hearst teamed with PP to create a limited-edition wool sweater, and the artwork on the front of it includes a colorful set of ovaries that is designed to look like a ram’s head. The sweater retails for a cool $699, and proceeds from sales will benefit Planned Parenthood.

Imagine the scandal if Ivanka wore that sweater out and about.

Planned Parenthood isn’t the only way Gabriela Hearst opposes President Trump’s views and policies. When asked about the president’s “zero-tolerance” policy on immigration, Hearst scorched the POTUS saying,

This policy is only represented by a very small group of voices right now in the government through the Trump administration, which is a radical outcry of racist values, period.

Ivanka seemed unfazed by it all and dazzled in the ensemble as she joined Jared Kushner, President Trump and the first lady on the red carpet at the Colon Theater in Buenos Aires. She teamed the eye-catching ivory pantsuit with a black clutch and black heels. Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner are traveling with the president who will be attending the G-20 summit in Buenos Aires November 30 and December 1. Joining the group at Friday’s gala was the President of Argentina, Mauricio Macri, and his first lady, Juliana.

Gabriela Hearst’s differing opinions and criticisms of Donald Trump haven’t stopped Ivanka and Melania from wearing her popular brand in the past, either. Ivanka Trump wore a forest-green jumpsuit when she attended the Group of 20 Summit in 2017, and, per the Daily Mail, Melania Trump was spotted wearing a Gabriela Hearst pantsuit when she went to this year’s Microsoft’s Innovation and Policy Center.

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