I’ve been dating a man for four months and I’ve just realised he’s actually my baby’s dad

WE’VE all experienced the awkwardness of bumping into someone you recognise but just not knowing where you know them from.

For most of us though, it won't lead to quite such an awkward discovery as it did for one woman, who shared her story to Reddit.

“I'm a single mother to a beautiful little girl from a one night stand about 4.5 years ago. Just finished college and had just moved and wasn’t looking for anything serious. It also happened just before I left on my 2mnth long post-college vacation,” the woman’s post begins.

She then explains the relationship with her current beau, writing: “I have been dating this man for four months. He’s met my daughter once. They get along extremely well.” 

Nothing seemed too strange until she visiting him at his apartment: “It's the same f*cking building as that man.”

“I didn't really recognize it until we pulled into the parking garage. And Went up the elevator But I know it is. But I recognized the hallways instantly. It also had a very recognizable condo smell?” 


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She further adds that both times she met this man they were at similar events. 

Explaining why they wouldn’t recognise one another, the shocked mother writes: “4yrs ago the man had shoulder length wavy dark hair and a Thick beard when we slept together. He does have a similar skin tone, (kind Mediterranean).

"The man I am dating has short cropped Dark hair, light stubble and glasses, he is also of Italian background. They have the same name. It's a very basic American name so I never connected it together.

“Also, to make it worse I likely look very different too. I used to be very thin, and suffered from an eating disorder that my pregnancy really helped me to overcome (I've gained 30lbs, that I really needed)."

"I also had short hair that I straightened & I'm half black and admittedly look very different now with my longer curly hair.”

Eventually her suspicions were confirmed: “I sent him a picture of me 5yrs ago, and told him the event and when, where. And any other small details I could remember. And the sonogram with the date I have on my fridge.”

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“He messaged at like 4am to say: Yes, I was there. I remember you.”

Those wanting a happy ending to this story will find themselves rather disappointed. The anonymous mother has since posted an update saying that he ultimately bounced: 

“We talked the first few days. Exchanged pictures etc. It's definitely him. He knows it is. Then about a week and a bit ago.. nothing.”

“I guess I could go by his place. But I don't particularly care too. And I doubt he'd appreciate it. If this is his choice he can stick with it. I didn't get a choice when this happened, even though it's the happiest accident of my life. But I didn't have the option either.”

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