I've picked a baby name years ago but my partner hates it & people say it sounds like a prostitute or a town in Essex | The Sun

A MUM-TO-BE was disappointed when she found out her partner hated the name she'd picked out for her baby girl years ago – and to make things worse, everyone else agreed.

The woman explained that she had always had plenty of ideas for baby names and now she was pregnant, she was excited to use her favourite.

But when she share the little girls' name with her partner he was less than impressed, and others suggested it sounded like a prostitute.

Taking to Mumsnet, she said: "[My] partner and I are having our first child, I've always known what I would call my baby if I had a boy, in fact I have quite a few names!

"All of which my partner has liked, however we are having a girl, we've been struggling to agree on baby girl names, but the only girl's name I really like is 'Harlow', as soon as I told my partner the name he kind of pulled a face, like a 'really?' face.

"I don't think it's a bad name at all, what does everyone else think?"

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Sadly for the woman, fellow Mumsnet were not keen on the monkier she had picked out and weren't afraid to make that clear.

One person said: "Harlow is a commuter town in Essex….

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"I don't particularly like it. It's a place name, which sometimes works, but not when it's the name of an economically poor English town."

Another said: "I'm sorry but I agree with your partner. It just makes me think of the town, or harlot."

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A third said: "I am sorry, I am with your partner on this. It's not great. A town which is not particularly nice apparently, also sounds a bit like 'harlot'.

"I don't like surnames and town names as children's first names in general, especially for girls. There are so many lovely girls names out there!"

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While another said: "Harlow's a grotty town, seems a bit mean to give a little girl a name that makes a lot of people think 'grim'. It'd be like calling a kid Hull or Barnsley."

And another agreed: "I agree with your partner. It's not a good name! I love Orla."

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