I’ve spoken to dozens of self-made millionaires – here's how you can become rich and financially free in 2023 | The Sun

A FINANCE pro has revealed how she has interviewed lots of self-made millionaires over the years who have inspired her.

Now, Kathleen Elkins, who writes for the Business Insider, has decided to put their advice into action in her own life for 2023 – and has offered tips on how you can do it too.

In a new article, Kathleen explained that her “job involves talking to successful people and asking them how they manage their money."

She has spent the last seven years of her career meeting and chatting to high-flyers – and has started to pick up on some common themes that they tell her again and again. 

This has spurred her on to look at her own finances and how she can keep them in check and boost her cash.

And she claims that there are two go-to plans that will help both you and her in the coming twelve months.

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Kathleen explained: “In the spirit of keeping things simple and not getting overwhelmed by too many resolutions, I’ve selected two wealth-building strategies to try out in 2023.”

The writer then went into detail about both ideas, starting out with her first clear goal.

Kathleen said that during her meetings with the super rich, she’s often heard one thing loud and clear.

She continued: “What I hear over and over again is: There’s a cap on how much money you can save.

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“However, there’s no limit on how much you can earn.”

Therefore, finding new and exciting ways to make more money “will likely speed up your timeline.”

Kathleen then said that she’d always found herself a side-hustle since she started her career.

They included everything from stringing tennis rackets in a sports shop to teaching tennis.

But she said that the key is choosing to keep this side hustle going even when you have a full-time job – and then working out how to make it bigger and better.

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Kathleen added: “My goal for 2023 is not to simply have a side hustle.

“It’s to find a more passive way to earn money on the side so that I can free up more time and energy.”

She went on to encourage others to think of something they are passionate about – for her that’s real estate and investing in property – and “lean into what you already know” to boost their income.

That led nicely onto Kathleen’s next goal for 2023 – and it’s one we could all learn from.

There’s no limit on how much you can earn

She said that the second gem of information she’d heard countless times is that it’s integral to set key money goals, rather than being hands off with your finances.

She explained: “In 2023, I want to have more of a plan for my money.

“What I’ve learned from successful investors is that you won’t get anywhere fast without any direction.”

And there’s a further tip that she says will help make your dreams a reality.

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Kathleen concluded: “Put your goals on paper. Write them down.

“Look at them frequently and make sure your habits and the choices you make every day are getting you closer to achieving what it is you want to achieve.”

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