Jamie Oliver claims he offered to cater for Meghan Markle and Prince Harry's Royal Wedding for FREE – but was ignored

Whether it was his 15-minute meals or his fancy school dinners, we'd be well up for it.

But apparently the Naked Chef didn't even get a reply when he offered to serve up the grub at Meghan Markle and Prince Harry's wedding back in May.

Appearing as a guest on today's episode of Channel 4's Sunday Brunch, Jamie claims he wrote to the royal couple offering his services, but never received a response.

He explained: "I did actually write and say if they want the food sorted I would bring the best of British and American chefs together to do the catering.

"I didn't get a reply. That is a true story."

Asked by host Tim Lovejoy if it was because he was going to charge too much, Jamie hit back: "No, I would have done it for free!"

He went on: "You know, I like a bit of a moment. I would have got all the American gang over and got all the British dudes… It would have been the best brigade of kitchen ever."

His fellow guests sympathised, with Emilia Fox jovially calling it a "missed opportunity".

Thankfully Jamie doesn't feel too bitter about the snub, adding: "They are very slick at protocol and getting those gigs done, so we probably were a bit renegade."

Apparently guests at the Royal Wedding enjoyed "sensational" grub from Table Talk, the catering firm hired to feed the 600-strong crowd.

But it appears they put a modern twist on the firm's usual traditional fare.

Guests were also treated to a slice of the extravagant wedding cake, rumoured to have cost around £80 each.

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