Jill Biden Just Wore a "Double Repurposed" Version of Her Symbolic Inauguration Dress

For her latest appearance, Jill Biden once again made a symbolic and sustainable style decision. The first lady recently attended President Joe Biden’s first address to Congress wearing a floral Gabriela Hearst dress that felt familiar for fashion enthusiasts. In fact, it was a nearly exact version of the dress she wore on the evening of the presidential inauguration, except in navy.

The brand revealed that the silk wool dress, which was made entirely out of existing fabrics, was originally used in fittings for the first lady’s inauguration dress; however, she later “requested to salvage for another occasion” — that occasion being the significant joint session, which marked the president’s first 100 days in office. The brand added, “Double repurposed. New is not always better.”

In addition to being sustainably minded, the design also honored the nation: Jill’s dress and matching mask were embroidered with the federal flower of every US state, district, and territory. The peach blossom representing Delaware, where Jill and Joe call home, was strategically placed right over Jill’s heart. Take a closer look at the noteworthy dress ahead.

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