Kate ‘steers away from coat dresses’ now like Crown Princess Mary

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Crown Princess Mary, 51, and Kate Middleton, 41, are often compared due to their long brunette hair and similar fashion choices. But how similar is their style? Couture expert Susie Nelson exclusively told Express.co.uk: “Crown Princess Mary and the Princess of Wales have a similar elegant sense of style.

“They are both sporty and have svelte frames on which to hang clothes. They are both aware of the need for royals to stand out and be recognised, hence the wearing of bright colours and sometimes being dressed in one single colour for an extra eye-catching effect.”

Molly Elizabeth Agnew, the founder of Eternal Goddess, also spoke exclusively to Express.co.uk to explain the style similarities between Mary and Kate.

She said: “It’s probably true to say that one of the main reasons Kate and Mary get compared is because while they do have similar day-to-day style, they also have very similar colouring and both often keep their brunette hair down.

“They have worn the exact same items of clothing as each other many times over the years, but this is mainly daywear.

“It is also worth remembering that most royal women end up ‘copying’ each other as they all favour the same brands and similar styles of dress. Their evening looks differ greatly with Mary having far more opportunities to wear lavish gowns and tiaras than Kate.”

According to Ms Agnew, it was the Princess of Wales who began channelling Mary in her style after she reached 40 years old.

The expert added: “Discussions over their style similarities are becoming more common. As Kate has entered her forties she’s channelled a more professional yet casual style, steering away from coat dresses to matching suit sets.

“Mary is a decade older than Kate and therefore further along in her style evolution.

“It makes logical sense that Kate is now really beginning to dress in a similar fashion.”

The expert expanded on whether the two royal women have anything different about their styles.

Ms Agnew continued: “While both go for a casual yet put-together look at day-to-day engagements, Kate’s outfits do tend to feel more youthful than Mary’s but this is most likely down to their age gap.

“When Kate visited Mary in Denmark last year, both wore coat dresses and wrapped up for the cold weather. However, Kate accessorised in a more modern manner than Mary.”

Sue Shields, the Buying Manager at Fenwick commented on the two royal women’s fashion choices, exclusively for Express.co.uk.

She claimed: “The Princess of Wales has undoubtedly one of the most coveted styles in British fashion, synonymous with effortlessly chic, feminine fashion looks. She is known for strictly following royal dress codes, which is something she has in common with Crown Princess Mary of Denmark. 

“Similarly to Kate Middleton, Princess Mary also opts for elegant and classic designs. This would explain why clear comparisons can be drawn between the pair, with both royals creating a reputation for themselves with their influential style.”

The expert noted that both women have “athletic shapes”, which impacts their choices when choosing clothing.

Ms Shields added: “The Princess of Denmark wears feminine cuts, mid-length designs and like the Princess of Wales, chooses waist-cinching styles to show her athletic shape.

“Though she is often seen wearing neutral shades, Mary often adds bright shades to her looks with pops of pinks, reds and purples.

“Both royals are often spotted wearing printed designs, opting for tweeds, polka dots and florals. 

“Crown Princess Mary of Denmark also favours some of Kate’s most worn brands, from Emilia Wickstead to Preen by Thornton Bregazzi.”

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