Khloe Kardashian and 'wildly flirtatious' Scott Disick 'connect on a deep level' and have an emotional bond, expert says | The Sun

KHLOE Kardashian and Scott Disick may have never been meant for romance — but that doesn't mean the pair aren't super compatible.

Astrologically, it comes as no surprise that Khloe, 38, and Scott, 39, have seemed so flirty for all these years, and Cosmic Fusion founder Michelle Bell says they're actually more compatible than Kourtney, 43, was with Scott.

Cosmic Fusion combines a person's Western zodiac sign, Chinese element and Chinese animal to "create an incredibly unique character profile description of your personality."

Khloe is a Cancer Wood Rat, while Scott is a Gemini Water Pig — making them 84 percent compatible in the app.

Scott and Kourtney, while fairly well-meshed, only hit 72 percent.

"Khloe and Scott’s zodiac signs are really compatible," Bell tells tells The U.S. Sun.

"They have similar communication styles and are both quite sensitive and emotional characters. They’ll connect on a deep level.

"Although Cancers (Khloe) and Geminis (Scott) are vastly different characters, they complement each other well.

"Their differences align well, as the unpredictability of Gemini works well with the fluctuating moods of the Cancerian."

Both of their Chinese elements and signs are "emotional and sensitive characters," making it easy for them to "bond spiritually and mentally with one another."

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While that's clearly made them close friends, it's also shown itself with some pretty flirty behavior.

In the spring of 2022, fans accused Scott of flirting with Khloe in an Instagram comment that included a red heart emoji.

“You got them sisters mixed up don’t you?” wrote one, while another commented: "They make a fab couple. I would never condone this otherwise but they have this connection.”

In a Kardashians TV scene that aired earlier that year, Khloe brought Scott a care package during Kourtney's engagement with Travis Barker.

While she was there, she got on the floor to clean up Scott's dog's urine — prompting a very flirty comment from Scott.

"Do your thing. You look hot," Scott said. "I would hire you, if like, hot maids, topless maids, or something."

In December of 2021, Scott appeared to flirt with the Good American founder by writing "Fine American" in the comments section of one of her posts.

Scott sent Khloe another flirty message when he said she looked "2 fine" in another Instagram post in February of 2021.

According to Bell, Scott is just flirty by nature.

"Geminis are known as one of the most flirtatious signs in Western astrology," she says.

"And the Water Pig is friendly, sociable and charming. So when you combine their Western and Eastern zodiac signs, the Gemini Water Pig is a very smooth and charismatic character.

"They’re also wildly flirtatious," she says. "They're so excruciatingly charming and smooth, they are the sort of character people become smitten with, and they love that fact."

However, she added, they're "pretty hard to tie down as they’re always wanting to date and meet new people."

Scott was also astrologically compatible with his ex Kourtney, but the connection wasn't as strong as with her younger sister.

"Kourtney and Scott also have strong compatibility but not as high as his compatibility with Khloe," Bell says.

"Gemini (Scott) and Aries (Kourtney) have a strong physical and intellectual connection.

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"However, Aries are very upfront and honest characters who tend to get frustrated with Geminis' flirtatious and playful nature with others."

Previously, Bell examined how Khloe and Tristan Thompson are "led by emotions, not practicalities" and "clash enormously."

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