‘Knowing’ Kate Middleton’s smile gives away her feelings about Prince Harry’s Netflix drama, body language expert claims | The Sun

A BODY language expert has revealed Princess Kate's confidence is unaffected by Prince Harry's Netflix drama.

This comes as the the family appear at Westminster Abbey to attend the Christmas Carol service, which Kate is hosting for the second time.

As The Royal Family attend the service this evening, the explosive set of new episodes for Prince Harry and Meghan's Netflix docuseries were also released today.

But according to body language Judi James, Kate is proving she is "the rock of the royal firm" as she flashes a 'knowing' smile.

Sporting a maroon wrap dress with structured shoulders "she has never looked more confident under pressure," Judi says.

Kate's wide stride as she arrives at the service shows how determined she is, the body language expert explains.


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"She holds her gloves and clutch bag in one hand so the other can hang by her side rather than forming a body barrier.

"Her thumb even looks cocked, which is a signal of enthusiasm and keenness," she adds.

But it's Kate's 'knowing' smile that reveals how resilient she truly is.

"Normally her ‘royal’ smile is completely symmetric but here she seems to be showing an asymmetric smile that is pulled up slightly higher at the right side.

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"This is more of a ‘knowing’ smile with a slightly more human touch to it, suggesting what could be a flicker of recognition from the storm caused by the Netflix series, but with a look of resilience rather than any sign of anxiety or wariness."

The choice to wear her hair in a side-swept style further hints at her confidence, both internally and externally, according to the expert.

Kate's dress also matches Prince William's tie, as well as Charlotte's dress, which could be seen as "a statement of unity."

The Wales' aren't the only ones who opted for the maroon shade though as "several other royals seem to have got the memo and come dressed in similar shades to register a display of uniform loyalty."

Walking in to the service with her family, Kate's raised chin also shows her "maximum resilience", Judi claims.

Meanwhile, William appears more "muted" as he displays "a rather fixed-looking smile."

Judi adds: "But it is his wife’s night and she is clearly the main star of this family group."

Also arriving to the Christmas event, King Charles and Queen Consort Camilla showed similar resilience, but it's Camilla's confidence that shines, Judi says.

That said, King Charles "does show some non-verbal signs of strain or anxiety."

"His brows look puckered and his lips show signs of tension, as though he might be struggling to draw them up into a smile."

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He can be seen pulling his hand across his stomach as well, which looks "more worrying," according to Judi.

"The way his left hand is pulling his coat right across his stomach here looks like a very comprehensive desire to create a barrier that could be prompted by emotional discomfort," she explains.

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