Lauren Goodger’s astonishing transformation – including a boob job, nose job, fillers and lipo to fix her ‘lumps and bumps’

LAUREN Goodger first shot to fame in 2010 as one of the original TOWIE cast members – and now the social media star has revealed she's expecting her first baby.

Last night, the 34-year-old announced she's just over three months pregnant with boyfriend Charles Drury's baby.

In the 11 years she's been in the public eye, the mum-to-be has been open about how she's altered her appearance with fillers and cosmetic procedures.

Here Fabulous takes a look back at Lauren's dramatic transformation and reveals what she's REALLY had done.

£6k boob job for 'floppy chest'

Lauren revealed in 2014 that her breasts had been enlarged from a 34D to a 34E in a £6,000 procedure.

"I've always had big boobs and where I've done extreme yo-yo dieting, exercise and then not doing anything at all, I felt like my chest had lost a bit of volume on the top," she told new! magazine.

"They're very similar to my old boobs but they've got more volume rather than them flopping down a bit."

In 2017, she revealed that she was considering getting a boob reduction, saying that it will be "better" to breastfeed a baby in the future.

Liposuction for 'lumps and bumps'

In 2018, Lauren revealed she'd had liposuction to help with her "lumps and bumps"

In an Instagram post, she wrote: "Keeping the swelling down and shape sculpted on my body my stomach is rock hard and toned thanks to @elitecosmeticsurgery who helped me remove any lumps and bumps!"

Lauren famously slimmed down by 4st to a size 8, and said she used the workouts in her 2016 fitness DVD for her weight loss.

She has also denied claims by Closer magazine that she'd had a £10,000 butt lift in 2016, and insisted her larger bum is the result of weight training and "feeding her bum".

Sources close to Lauren have denied she has had any new procedures and told OK! Online: "It’s just a filter.

"A friend took the photo and edited it on an app called Lightroom".

In October 2018, friends told Closer magazine she had a "surgery addiction" as a result of her "crippling insecurities" triggered by a string of failed relationships which have knocked her confidence.

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£4k nose job to 'fix injury'

The star has also said she had a £4,000 nose job in 2011.

Lauren insisted to Now it was to remove a bump caused when her nephew "accidentally dropped a metal fire engine on my face" and which looked "really awful" on screen.

"My family tell me it looks really natural," she said of the result of her rhinoplasty.

However, she told new! magazine that the procedure has caused her issues since.

"I might get my nose checked, because I can't breathe through it," she revealed.

"Now it makes me snore and I can't stand it. It's so annoying."

Lip and jaw fillers – but 'never again'

Lauren announced in 2016 that she would no longer be having lip fillers after five years of injections.

"2016 was the year to get my lip fillers removed after nearly five years of constant top-ups," she told the Daily Mail.

"I have lovely full natural lips so it's finally time to embrace them."

However, five months later she appeared to have decided to regain her fuller pout, and in December she told Fabulous that "I'm not as bad as some".

Back in 2018, Lauren said she'd had botched filler in her jawline – days after fans noticed her face had changed – and in a video of a trip to the doctors to dissolve the filler she said she was "getting her old face back".

In March 2019, she opened up about having jaw fillers as well occasional Botox.

"I need them bad. I don't have it like everyone else does. I have it done once or twice a year," she told new! magazine.

"I had the filler in my jaw. At first I thought: 'Wow!' But when I got papped – I'm not joking – I looked like The Mask.

"Five days later I got it dissolved. I'd never get filler in my face again."

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