Leo horoscope: What your star sign has in store for June 26 to July 2 | The Sun

JULY 23 – AUG 23

You’re ready to accept, even celebrate, a part of yourself you’ve tended to keep hidden before. 

Perhaps because you’re not sure where this fits in your current view of the future. 

Finding out, from this week onwards, will be a fun process.

Inspiration on a more exciting private life, or the public face you
present to the world, comes via Neptune’s backward track.

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DESTINY DAYS: Make a family call again on Tuesday.  Work extra, as long as it takes, on Wednesday. Find out more about “D” on Saturday.

LUCKY LINKS: A room with a red and white floor.  Your most musical
family member.  A town with a four-letter name.

RUNE REVELATION: You are facing a big emotional choice, according to your rune, HAGEL – and this may seem overwhelming,  and strike with the force and surprise of a hailstorm – but afterwards leaves everything sparkling and fresh. 

This can be a love choice – linked to someone you already know, perhaps as a colleague or a longtime friend. 

However unstable this love may seem on the outside, it has a strong, consistent core. 

If you are already attached, this rune helps you find the right,
even difficult, words to talk through a problem, rather than staying
safely silent.

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