Long-suffering girlfriends reveal the pranks their partners have pulled on them

But while some couples have simply exchanged regular date nights for slobby evenings in front of the television, these boyfriends have taken matters to entirely new levels with some hilarious (and frankly mortifying) pranks.

From the guy who made his girlfriend a fake eyelash moustache while she slept to the boyfriend who thought a "welcome home from prison" sign would go down well at the airport, this Bored Panda gallery proves that romance is well and truly dead.

And to be totally honest, we don't know whether to laugh or cry at these cringeworthy pranks.

On the plus side you have to commend some of these blokes for their creative chops…

Hammering the point home


Prison break

Serve it straight

Spelling it out

A+ parenting

House-husband in the making

Neediness personified


This devoted jokester even got his cat to join in on the neediness while his other half tried to take a 'comfort break'

Secret shower admirer

(Drunk) man crush

21st Century caveman

Mutual prank appreciation

Out of reach

Bright lights, average city

Devotion to the joke

Subs up?

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