Lush launches children's birthday parties, including make-your-own bath bomb workshops and personalised games

PARENTS everywhere can rejoice, as organic cosmetics company Lush have launched children's parties in their stores across the whole of the UK.

Coming up with new and original party ideas can be tricky, but your kids and their guests could certainly enjoy getting their hands dirty making their very own bath bombs.

Although, at £25 per head, the parties don't come cheap, but they do last for an hour and a half.

So what can you expect at a Lush birthday party?

Everyone will have fun playing with jellies, mixing bath potions and taking the "lip scrub challenge".

The birthday girl or boy and their guests will receive a bath-bomb making kit, so they can create their very own fresh product.

There's a pick 'n' mix of activities to choose from which you can select during your party consultation.

  • Calm a Llama Party Pinata bath bomb, Lush, £7.95 – buy now 

  • Cilla the Caterpillar bath bomb, Lush, £7.95 – buy now

The company have also introduced a new range of products, including Cilla the Caterpillar and Calm a Llama Party Pinata bath bombs.

Each party guest will receive one of these products to take home, while the guest of honour will receive an extra special gift containing three products of their choice.

And at least you know relaxing in the bath afterwards will be a delight with your new bath bomb!

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