Make a splash! The best size-inclusive swimwear brands to know for when the warm weather returns

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As staycations and holidays abroad are back on the agenda this summer, we’ve rounded up the best swimwear brands to make sure every body can enjoy summer to the fullest. 

Even just the thought of shopping for swimwear can make me want to cancel a holiday. 

The memories of piling every potential holiday swimsuit into a changing room and painfully shimmying each piece over my thighs and hips still makes me wince. Usually, this routine leaves me with just one passable option that, in all honesty, still doesn’t really do the job of covering and supporting my body.

The idea of being that naked in such an ill-fitting swimming costume meant I would spend the majority of the flight to my destination of choice with an overwhelming sense of anxiety. If I cover myself in a towel and only drop it at the very edge of the swimming pool and then submerge myself in water, maybe that will be OK? Maybe then everyone won’t see half a butt cheek hanging out the bottom of the costume or my side boob entirely exposed? 

Form & Fold is the size-inclusive Australian swimwear brand to know.

For years searching for size-inclusive swimwear was like searching for designer goods at rock-bottom prices. Near impossible. Thankfully, this struggle isn’t quite as real now as it was then, and brands have switched on to the fact that all women of all body shapes and all sizes are entitled to swimwear. That actually we can enjoy being in the water, lounging on a beach and drinking cocktails on a boat without having to consider whether our bodies feel comfortable and supported. 

Like most things in fashion, the influx of size-inclusive swimwear has been a slow process that is still not without difficulties for some women. But the landscape is much improved, inviting even. Now, when I’m on holiday, my anxiety around my body is lessened because I know I have options to shop from – almost as many as my friends do. My excitement for my holiday is reinstated with the knowledge that I can feel and look just as good as everyone else on the beach because there are brands that are catering to me.

So, here’s the best size-inclusive swimwear to shop now because summer is for everybody.  

Lonely The Label 

Lonely the Label prioritises size-inclusivity in its summer-ready wares.

Lonely The Label initially garnered fame as a lingerie line (this is still the largest part of their business) and quickly became the go-to brand for cool girls who wanted more than just nice underwear. The brand has employed the same design principles from their lingerie collection to their swimwear: cuts to complement and support your natural shape. 

The idea behind the brand was to take away all expectations of how people “should” look in a product and, instead, to focus on how these pieces make the wearer feel. Lonely The Label has put body positivity and comfort at the forefront by creating beautiful pieces that inspire confidence in all women. 


We Are We Wear

We Are We Wear’s swimwear is made from recycled fishing nets.

With sizes ranging from XS to 3XL, We Are We Wear is the brand founded by best friends Natalie and Chelsea to create show-stopping swimwear with panache. Having cut their teeth at a stable of high street stalwarts, the two Londoners decided in 2019 to debut their own swimwear offering, which was received to rapturous applause. In the two years since, We Are We Wear has established itself at the helm of the burgeoning size-inclusive swimwear charge.


You Swim

From bikinis to one-pieces, You Swim makes some of the most show-stopping, size-inclusive swimwear in the game.

With the tagline “Swimsuits for life”, You Swim is the label crafting one-pieces for every body. The label’s one-size-fits-all swimsuits have been specially crafted to fit fluctuating bodies, helping to pave the way in its celebration of size-inclusivity. Having been praised by industry insiders as “magic”, the proof is in the pudding with You Swim’s seamless swimwear. Take a dip and see for yourself. 


Frankie’s Bikinis

Frankie’s Bikinis offers a line of swimwear and waterproof wares that span the gamut.

With over a million followers on Instagram, Frankie’s Bikinis is something of a viral sensation and for good reason. Founder Francesca Aiello looks to the beaches of Malibu for inspiration (because why wouldn’t you?) with a mainline and curve collection consisting of stylish one-piece swimsuits and bikinis that will satisfy the trend-driven: think tie-dye prints, vibrant neon and cutaways. For those after more classic fits, Aiello also offers pared-back pieces with simple silhouettes and supportive structures. 


Form & Fold 

Form & Fold is one of the Australian fashion scene’s best-kept secrets.

Form & Fold is a Melbourne-based brand that was launched in 2017 with a clear-cut mission to create swimwear options that are supportive and comfortable for larger cup sizes but remain flattering and functional too. The overall aesthetic of the brand is pared-back, simple and quietly elegant. Don’t miss the label’s glittery swimwear capsules, where bikinis are as twinkling as the sea you’ll be hoping to float in.


Kitty and Vibe 

Kitty and Vibe crafts colourful one-pieces for every body.

Kitty and Vibe’s mantra is “to awaken and fuel self-love for a kinder world” through a collection of swimwear that is comfortable, stylish and supportive. Having previously struggled to find bikini bottoms that fit well, the brand has reconsidered what is needed and now takes into account both your hip size and that of your bottom to ensure you have swimwear that fits just right. 


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