Matalan’s millennial homeware range looks just like Oliver Bonas’ sold-out version – but for a fraction of the price

The store has launched a new, very chic range, and it's an almost perfect dupe for the MUCH pricier Oliver Bonas goods.

Matalan's rose gold and pastel range looks very similar to luxury high-street store Oliver Bonas' items… only everything is a fraction of the price.

From make-up bags to wire letters and even initialised marble coasters, Matalan seems to have all bases covered.

We can't pick a favourite dupe – they're all so gorgeous.

  • Small Hanging Metal Photo Frame, Matalan, £4, buy now

  • Gold & Glass Hanging Wall Frame, Oliver Bonas, £26, buy now

If you're an art lover and want a chic gold frame for your wall you're probably better off opting for Matalan's pocket-friendly £4 offering.

For the price of one Oliver Bonas frame, you could nab SIX of Matalan's.

Oliver Bonas is selling these chic wire ampersand – but can you tell the difference between this and Matalan's version

  • Rose Gold Wire Alphabet Letter, Oliver Bonas, £12, buy now

  • Gold wire lettering with fairy lights, Matalan, £8, buy now

And if these bargains weren't already enough, they also have dupes of Oliver Bonas' signature initialised coasters and make-up bags.

The marble coasters, which cost £10 on Oliver Bonas' website, look very similar to Matalan's £3 version.

And the £15 chic make-up bags have also been replicated on Matalan for only £4.50.

  • Marble Alphabet Coaster, Matalan, £3, buy now

  • Marble & Copper Alphabet Coaster, Oliver Bonas, £10, buy now

  • A-Z Alphabet Makeup Bag, Matalan, £4.50, buy now

  • Alphabet Make Up Bag, Oliver Bonas, £15, buy now

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