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A PLANE passenger and her friend were left humiliated after being dress-coded in the airport.

Chrissie Mayrus and Keanu Thompson, both comedians from the US, were stunned when a member of staff approached them.

The women who were both wearing crop tops – Chrissie wore a pair of black glittery trousers and her friend wore a maxi skirt when they were asked to change for the flight they were boarding at Harry Reid International Airport in Las Vegas.

But what the airline gave them to wear left everybody stunned.

While the maxi skirt and trousers were deemed inappropriate, apparently hot pant shorts were not.

Chrissie tweeted: "Omfg an @AmericanAir employee forced me and @keanuCthompson to change our pants before getting on the flight which actually turned out to be MORE REVEALING.


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Chrissie shared a snap of what the women were wearing before the staff member asked them to change vs what they were given to wear – and people couldn't make sense of it.

American Airlines' conditions of carriage state that passengers must 'dress appropriately; bare feet or offensive clothing aren’t allowed'.

In a follow up tweet Chrissie claimed: "LITERALLY HAD TO CHANGE AT THE GATE WITH NO COVER."

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Keanu also tweeted: "He had Chrissie in underwear and me butt f**king naked from my waist down at the gate…. How is this okay?"

Chrissie added that 'it was a man' who had stopped the women, adding: "I wish he had told us we could go into the bathroom or at least behind the desk to change. Or hold up a towel or something…!"

After gaining momentum on Twitter, American Airlines' Twitter account soon responded, tweeting Chrissie: "Your comments concern us. Please join us in DMs, we're here and ready to listen."

Chrissie didn't hold back, replying publicly: "This was really humiliating and I’m very loyal to you guys I have the credit card and everything."

People were quick to weigh in online, with one writing: "Seems to me from the picture on the left their attire was perfectly fine. Why make them strip down prior to boarding to change clothes & be severely embarrassed???"

Another replied: "Outrageous!!!!"

A third added: "I don’t understand…They were full length skirts! You looked beautiful, but I didn’t know it was a crime to be beautiful…"

Fabulous has contacted American Airlines for comment.

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