Meghan Markle news latest – Bombshell Ellen interview TONIGHT as GMB's Susanna Reid makes brutal dig about Duchess

MEGHAN Markle will take part in another bombshell TV interview this evening – this time with US talk show host Ellen DeGeneres.

The Duchess of Sussex is making a surprise appearance on Ellen's chat show at 8pm UK time this evening, 3pm New York time.

Ahead of her appearance a teaser trailer was released showing Meghan telling Ellen about how happy her life was before joining the Royal Family.

Fascinated royal watchers around the world will be tuning in later this evening, wondering whether Meghan will repeat her shocking claims of racism at the heart of the royal family.

Meanwhile Good Morning Britain's Susanna Reid today made a brutal dig at Meghan ahead of her Ellen interview.

After watching a teaser clip which focussed on Meghan talking about her tough upbringing, Susanna "There we go – let's never mind the private jets".

She later added: “I find it’s getting increasingly hard to defend" in reference to Meghan and Harry abandoning their duties in the UK citing privacy, while signing up for interview with some of American showbusiness' biggest names.

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  • John Hall

    What are the chances of another Oprah interview

    Royal expert Neil Sean has expressed doubts as to whether another Oprah interview would go ahead, as he does not believe Meghan and Harry would agree to it.

    An excerpt from the updated version of the couple’s unauthorised biography, Finding Freedom, claimed that Harry and Meghan were nervous about sitting down with Oprah but decided they needed to speak up now, or never, according to the Daily Mail.

    It reads: “There were so many things they were unable to say [before stepping back from their royal roles].”

  • John Hall

    ‘End of her credibility’ after lawsuit

    Royal commentator, columnist and reporter Angela Mollard appeared on Sunrise Australia to share the latest events surrounding Meghan Markle’s legal case against Associated Newspapers. 

    He has claimed Meghan Markle could see the “end of her credibility” after her lawsuit with Associated Newspapers over a letter she penned to her father begins to unravel.

    Ms Mollard echoed concerns that Meghan’s credibility had been destroyed by the lawsuit.

    She told the programme: “Look, I think that there’s a massive twist.

    “I mean, some commentators are saying that this is really the end of Meghan’s credibility.”

  • John Hall

    ‘It's bad enough at 73’

    Charles opened up about his mother’s health after meeting business leaders at the Royal Scientific Society in Amman, Jordan yesterday.

    Asked how the Queen was getting on, Charles replied: “She’s all right thank you very much.”

    He added: “Once you get to 95, it’s not quite as easy as it used to be. It’s bad enough at 73.”

  • John Hall

    The rocky relationship between Piers and Meghan?

    Piers Morgan has a running battle with Meghan & Harry.

    It began when he lashed out Meghan as he claimed she ghosted him when she started dating Prince Harry.

    The firebrand TV personality said was friendly with Meghan when she was a TV actress, only for her to turn their back on their friendship.

    The news comes after he won his Ofcom complaint over the Meghan row which saw him quit ITV’s Good Morning Britain after he refused to apologise after a fiery on air debate.

  • John Hall

    Prince William holiday criticism

    The Cambridges’ recent family holiday has reminded royal commentators of the time when Prince William found himself in the centre of a media storm.

    He missed a Commonwealth Service to go skiing at a Swiss resort in 2017, and was scrutinised because he was the only senior royal to miss the event at Westminster Abbey.

    In an interview with the Sunday Times in March 2021, a friend of William’s explained the Duke did not take the criticism well: “That p****d him off.

    “He was leaving home at 5.30am, getting home after dark and saving lives in between, but people were still being critical of his commitment to his [other] job.”

  • John Hall

    'Stay away'

    Harry and Meghan have been told by fans on social media to stay away from the “grey island” this Christmas, with one Twitter user saying a UK trip would only make sense if “they opt for sadness”.

    Twitter fan account Meghan Daily opened up a debate for its nearly 4,000 followers, writing: “I don’t see H & M with the kids going to the grey island for Christmas.

    “Meghan and the kids are unsafe in that cesspool island.”

    Fellow fans quickly joined the conversation.

    One said: “For me, it’s even not an option! Meghan and her kids will never be safe and this for a while in shutter island!”

    Another wrote: “Can’t be anything worse than sitting next to your in-laws having Christmas dinner knowing they don’t want you there.

    “I would sooner stay home with a microwave meal than put myself through all that ****.”

  • John Hall

    Inside Lord Mountbatten & Edwina’s ‘bed-hopping’ marriage

    When Louis and Edwina Mountbatten made their way down the aisle in 1922, it was the society wedding of the decade.

    Despite this, behind closed doors, their 38-year marriage was far from perfect – with Lord Mountbatten once admitting: “Edwina and I spent all our married lives getting into other people’s beds.”

    However, rumours that Mountbatten was secretly bisexual have now resurfaced in a £600,000 court battle between the Cabinet Office and historian Andrew Lowrie.

    Andrew is fighting for the release of letters and diaries he believes will back the claims.

    Yesterday he told a tribunal three of Mountbatten's lovers are still alive, including Oscar-winning actress Shirley MacLaine and an unnamed woman prominent in royal circles.

    He also demanded the release of private letters to Edwina, which he believes could contain evidence of bisexuality, and reiterated claims that Lady Mountbatten had a long affair with former Indian Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru.

  • John Hall

    Explained: Lord Mountbatten

    Lord Mountbatten was born Prince Louis of Battenberg in Windsor on June 25, 1900.

    During the First World War Lord Mountbatten served at sea with the Royal Navy.

    He later commanded the destroyer HMS Kelly when it was sunk off the coast of Crete by Nazis during the Second World War.

    Lord Mountbatten was then appointed Chief of Combined Operations and was responsible for the botched Dieppe raid of August 1942.

  • John Hall

    Sussexes went to a secret party in disguise before going public with romance

    During her interview with Ellen Meghan revealed she went to a Halloween party in disguise with Prince Harry before going public.

    Meghan said she attended the bash with her now-husband and Princess Eugenie and her husband Jack.

    Meghan claimed she wanted "one fun night on the town" as a foursome before they revealed their romance to the world.

  • John Hall

    Meghan laughs at her royal title

    Meghan has laughed at her title today as Ellen called her the Duchess of Sussex in an interview.

    When addressed as the Duchess of Sussex as the pair were speaking about her book The Bench Meghan let out a stifled giggle.

    Sarcastic Ellen poked fun at "Meghan, the Duchess of Sussex" during the sneak peak clip of the interview – set to air today.

    Meghan and Harry can still be known as the Duke and Duchess of Sussex after being given the titles as a wedding gift at their 2018 nuptials at Windsor Castle.

    But they stepped down from royal life in a desperate bid for privacy – with Meghan revealing in her Oprah interview the damaging impact royal life had had on her mental health.

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