Meghan Markle will fulfil the Queen’s final wishes when she dies by continuing the popularity of the Royal Family, expert claims – The Sun

MEGHAN Markle has made a lasting impression on the royal family since joining last year.

And a royal expert says the Duchess of Sussex, 37, could help the monarchy appeal to a new fanbase and this would fulfil one of the Queen’s greatest wishes.

Speaking to Yahoo’s The Royal Box, former ITV News royal editor Tim Ewart said: “I think what Harry and Meghan have done is appeal very greatly to a younger generation which is what the Queen wanted.

“The reality for the monarchy is that when the Queen dies, one of the reasons for the monarchy’s popularity will be gone.

“A large part of the popularity of the monarchy is based on the popularity of the Queen. Will that transfer to her son?

“Open question, we don’t know, but there are suggestions that he’s not as popular as she is.”

The proof of the Sussex popularity was seen when their Instagram account attracted one million followers within six hours of its creation – smashing the record for the quickest following.

The couple currently have 9.1m followers and are just 400,000 behind Kate and William's official Kensington Palace account.

The couple have also been named as two of the top 25 Most Influential People on the Internet by Time magazine.

The US magazine praised the Duke and Duchess of Sussex's "forward-thinking and cause-orientated" approach to social media and how it is "establishing their identity beyond the crown".

I think what Harry and Meghan have done is appeal very greatly to a younger generation which is what the Queen wanted.

Each month, Harry and Meghan have been using their Instagram account to highlight charitable causes close to them – such as mental health and climate change – and Time noted how this "savvy strategy has driven headlines".

And last month, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex confirmed their plans to split from the Royal Foundation they shared with Prince William and Kate Middleton to found their own charitable institution.

Tim also said that Prince Harry failed to "explain just how intense" life in the Royal Family is.

Acknowledging that Meghan was a "well-known actress", the expert said: "But she wasn't hunted by the paparazzi."

Likening the monarchy to a "cauldron", he added: "This Royal Family is beyond anything she could ever have expected and it will be very, very difficult for Harry, as it was with William and Kate, to explain just how intense that is."

Commenting on the intense public scrutiny, Tim acknowledged that "every single expression, movement, comment" has the potential to be front page news.

He added: "Every single word that is said, doesn't matter where the TV cameras are, doesn't matter where the snappers, the photographers, they can be anywhere.

"But every single person has got their phone up or their iPad up, nothing is private anymore."

Last week, unearthed footage from a Royal Family fan account showed Meghan confessing to Pharrell "they don't make it easy" as she opened up about her struggles with public life at the Lion King premiere.

Meanwhile, an insider has also claimed that Meghan has "struggled with the intensity of the spotlight" since marrying into the Royal Family as it is "a different level" to her Suits fame.

The Duchess of Sussex also came under fire this month after spectators at Wimbledon were banned from taking photos Meghan after being told she was there in a "private capacity" to watch her pal Serena Williams play.

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