Mind-bending optical illusion reveals a lot about your personality – but it all depends on what image you see first

DO you want to delve a little deeper into your personality?

Well, this mind-bending optical illusion, shared on YouTube by Bright Side, shows two different images which can reveal a lot about your personality traits – but it all depends on what you see first.

While you may see one image, someone else may try to persuade you that it's something completely different.

And it's for this reason that optical illusions can be quite the behavioural test.

So, what did you see first – a girl's face or flowers?

If you saw the face of a young woman, you're "always aware of your surroundings," according to the narrator.


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He continues: "What's more, you see patterns around you, and this helps you draw the right conclusions and make correct assessments."

Alternatively, did you see flowers at first glance?

If so, the narrator says: "You probably really love nature."

"You appreciate the world around you but also manage to get away from the everyday hustle and bustle when you need to."

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And people were left more than impressed with the accurate descriptions, with one writing: "Love these optical illusion drawings , it’s interesting to see if others see the same or different."

A second commented: "I think this ‘what do you see first in the picture’ test nailed my type of personality.

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"I see myself as a creative person and this test affirms it."

A third added: "I feel the information I received was great! I would really enjoy experiencing more of these personality descriptions!"

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