More than HALF of all American women 'feel anxious when shopping for new clothes'

HALF of American women experience anxiety when shopping for new clothes, according to a new research.

The survey asked 2,000 American women about their confidence and just how often it can take a hit while shopping.

Four in 10 women said they hate shopping for new clothes – and with some of the common experiences they have, it’s no surprise.

13 percent of women polled said they’ve had such a difficult time during a shopping trip, they’ve shed a tear in the changing room.

Conducted by OnePoll on behalf of True&Co, the survey also found two in 10 women surveyed even shared they’ve felt judged by a salesperson.

They survey found the most stressful clothing items to shop for in-person included bars, jeans and swimsuits.

Respondents also shared that their clothing shopping struggles have transferred to the online marketplace as well – 14 percent of women polled sharing they can rarely find clothes online that fit them well.

In fact, the average woman will lose $59.51 a year for not returning clothes they buy online that don’t fit – that adds up to $3,570.60 over a lifetime.

An item women frequently encounter problems with finding the perfect fit are their bras, and 60 percent of women surveyed worry they’ll never find one that fits them properly.

And with 55 percent of women surveyed saying they dread shopping for new bras, it’s no wonder the average woman has held on to their favorite bra for the last nine months.

Four in 10 respondents shared they only hand wash their beloved bra to keep it in tip-top shape and 28 percent have gone so far as to hold out on washing it for a week.

64 percent of women polled said they feel like they don’t know their true bra size, so it’s no wonder they hold their favorite one near and dear.

The top issues women experience when buying a new bra included not getting the fit quite right, a high place tag and finding that the bra they had their eyes on doesn’t come in their size.

“It’s important to have a bra that fits just right,” said Jennifer Fenton, Senior Manager of Digital Marketing at True&Co.

“A properly fitting bra provides support and creates a smoother silhouette. It should feel comfortable the whole day. A great fitting bra should boost your confidence – no pun intended.”

45 percent of women surveyed said their time in quarantine has actually made them reevaluate their bra situation and find bras that are comfortable to wear.

In fact, 31 percent of women polled said they’ve been wearing less underwire during isolation.

Nearly a quarter of respondents also shared their time in quarantine was the first time they’ve ever purchased a bra online.

“Finding the perfect fit is easier than ever. Technology in construction and advanced fitting tools make for a hassle free fit,” added Fenton.

“Stretch fabrics that mold to each shape means less reliance on cup and band sizes. Advanced fit quizzes replace fit charts to make personalized recommendations.”

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