Mrs Hinch fan shares her £1 miracle product for unblocking sinks – & it takes just seconds with NO plunging

If you're anything like us, you've probably spent at least one day every month telling your partner not to shave in the sink.

After all, is there anything more annoying than a clogged drain?

Foul odours, the build up of dirty water and those awful glugging noises are just a few signs that suggest it's time to take action.

And the good news is, avid cleaning fans have taken to a Mrs Hinch-inspired Facebook group to share handy hacks that they claim unblock their drains in seconds.

And the best part? It costs as little as £1.


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As reported by The Express, the initial post that sparked the conversation featured a snap of Mr Muscle drain gel and read: "Can anyone help please!

I’ve used this to unblock my sink and bath drains. It is now worse and when having a shower we have a bathtub full by the end."

And the woman was inundated with responses from cleaning fans who flooded to the comments section with suggestions – and there was one very popular answer – hair removal.

"A cheap tube of hair remover sorts mine out, I get two from Poundland, one down the bath and other the sink," suggested one.

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"Leave overnight then hot water."

"Lads shaving, my own longish hair, it soon builds up."

A second enthused: "It works, saved me a fortune on brand name useless stuff."

A third agreed: "As I have lots of hair that gets trapped in my drain I use hair removal cream to properly unblock them.

"Honestly it dissolves the hair in seconds.”

Elsewhere, other cleaning enthusiasts shared their alternative suggestions.

"I use soda crystals, white vinegar and boiling water. Works every time," wrote one.

A second commented: "Have you tried pouring a few kettles of boiling water down.

The product may have shifted the clog further down."

"Then use a big spoon of bicarb with a glug of white vinegar."

"Leave 20 mins then another kettle of water."

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