Mrs Hinch fan shares incredible space-saving rail for storing cleaning products – and you can pick it up on Amazon

OKAY we'll admit it – we find it impossible to tune into Mrs Hinch's Instagram stories without walking away with a huge list of cleaning products we want to buy.

It's for this exact reason that we've acquired our very own "Narnia" cupboard brimming with bottles of Zoflora and The Pink Stuff – but unlike Mrs Hinch, ours is nowhere near as pristine.

Luckily for us, one diehard Mrs Hinch fan has found an amazing space-saving rail from Amazon – and it'll fit even in the most cramped kitchens. 

Posting on the Mrs Hinch Made Me Do It Facebook group, the woman raved: "Thank you, thank you to whoever posted about this sliding storage originally!!

“It’s really helped me make the most of my space in my small kitchen."

Before she bought the £23 rail, the mum was simply storing crumpled up plastic bags around the side of her fridge – but was delighted with how well it fitted in the small amount of space.

As well as devoting half a shelf to her Zoflora collection, the woman has a selection of Mrs Hinch's favourite products – including Elbow Grease and The Pink Stuff – on display. 

Along with the mega-five shelf rail, Amazon also has a smaller three-tier version on sale for £17 which can be used for bathroom storage too.

Needless to say, other shoppers are now desperate to get their hands on one of the handy rails.

One replied: "This is a great idea! Gonna get this off of Amazon."

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"I'm impressed," another added.

A third gushed: "Fantastic idea!"

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