Mrs Hinch fans share 55p miracle product that stops flies from hovering around bins – & you probably already have it | The Sun

WITH the temperatures set to heat up ahead of bank holiday, you'll likely be leaving more windows open than usual in a bid to get a bit of a breeze.

But unfortunately that'll also attract the attention of some rather unwanted visitors – flies.

Luckily, avid cleaning fans have taken to a Mrs Hinch-inspired Facebook group to share a very handy hack that can prevent bugs and flies swarming around your bins.

And perhaps the best part? You've likely already got the miracle product in your kitchen cupboards.

As reported by The Express, the initial post that sparked the conversation read: "My outdoor bin has just been emptied by the bin men and there are maggots in the bottom.

“Does anyone know, once I’ve cleaned it out, what I can use to deter the flies from my bin?”


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And the woman wasn't short of answers, with the most popular answer suggesting that all you need is some salt, which costs as little as 55p.

"My mum had this problem. We put table salt into the bottom of the bin and left it for a couple of days," wrote one.

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“Went down today and just tipped the salt out along with the dead maggots.

A second agreed: “I jet wash my bin out then put salt in the bottom then buy the bags never had a problem.”

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A third added: "Sprinkle a generous amount of salt in the bin each time you put something new in it.”

Elsewhere, other social media users shared their alternative methods of deterring flies.

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“Sprinkle baking soda in the bottom of the bin every time it’s emptied," suggested one.

Another advised: “Slice of bread with loads of white vinegar on it. Chuck it in your bin stops flies and all."

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