Mrs Hinch fans share bizarre £1 hack for cleaning silver jewellery claiming it gets it sparkling in no time | The Sun

IT'S no longer just Mrs Hinch who is the go-to for handy household hacks, these days her legions of fans are just as useful.

Admirers of the queen of clean congregate together in Facebook groups where they exchange tips and tricks to banish the grim, and they often have some very surprising solutions.

It seems Sophie Hinchliffe has started a movement and there are plenty of people equally excited by a spotless house who are on board.

On one of these popular community Facebook groups, someone asked for help with her jewellery. She said: "Can anyone tell me how to get [my jewellery] clean, it’s supposed to be SILVER.

“I’ve used jewellery-cleaning dips and cleaning cloths.

“Can anyone help me, and advise me what I should use to get this clean? Thank you.”

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Fellow Hinch fans were quick to jump in with their tried and tested advice and the majority suggested something pretty odd.

They said that a £1 tube of toothpaste would easily do the trick.

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One person said: "Toothpaste and scrub with an old toothbrush then wash in soapy water. Or buy a silver cleaner."

Another said: “Toothpaste and a cotton cloth to buff up.”

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A third said: “Toothpaste works fine.”

While another agreed: “Toothpaste and a toothbrush will clean it up.

“I had a silver bracelet, it always goes black and this works.”

Another person said: “Toothpaste with a soft brush or bicarbonate of soda and hot water works with mine.”

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And someone else said: “Toothpaste babes, then place in washing up liquid all night, comes out fresh.”

You've almost certainly already got a tube of the minty stuff knocking around your bathroom, but if you don't you can bag yourself a decent tube for just a quid.

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