Mum asks hubby to do her daughters' hair for school and is left in hysterics by his industrial methods | The Sun

SHE asked her husband to do their daughters' hair while she had a lie in.

But Karen was left in hysterics when he used industrial methods to secure their locks – using cable ties.

"Dad did their hair this morning," she wrote over a video of the girls, both of whom had their hair in pigtails, with the cable ties keeping them in place.

"Did Daddy do your hair?" she said, laughing. "Did he use zip ties?"

Looking proudly at his handiwork, her husband said: "Beautiful, it'll last all day."

"Thanks for letting me sleep in, babe," Karen captioned her video.

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"Always keeps me laughing!"

"He was sooo pleased with himself," one person commented.

"Bud light presents 'Real men of genius'," another added.

"Hear me out. Get him glitter zip ties for next time," a third wrote.

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"To be fair those pigtails are pretty bang on," someone else laughed.

As another commented: "Omg I peed my pants! they last all day – so true. There’s a market for these bad lads."

While others were more concerned about how they managed to get the cable ties out of their hair.

"How did you get them out without cutting their hair?!" one questioned.

"Nothing a little conditioner can’t fix, either slip them off or place a barrier between the hair and the scissors like a pencil or chopsticks," someone else answered.

"You can lift the plastic tab that sits in the lock in notches and simply loosen it," a third commented.

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