Mum bags a grotty sofa for free and completely transforms it for just £35

ONE woman put her crafty skills to good use by completely transforming an old sofa she'd picked up for free, and transformed it into a brand new piece of furniture. 

With absolutely no experience as an upholsterer, the savvy mum was able to completely strip the existing fabric and reupholster the sofa using material she'd chosen to match her colour palette – and it only cost her £35.

Proud of her efforts, the crafty mum took to Facebook to show off her new and improved sofa.

Revealing a before and after photo, the mum shared that she was in need of a new sofa but didn't want to spend too much money after her youngest son drew over all over there last sofa.

So when she saw that someone was offering the sofa for free, she was quick to snatch it up and got to work trying her hand at sewing.

In her post, the mum said: " I’m not the best at sewing and this was my first try so I can there’s room for improvement. Someone was giving a free sofa, so I thought I’d have a go at upholstering the sofa.

Revealing she'd almost given up after battling with the sewing machine, she explained her method: "I stripped off all the old material and stapled on most of the material that’s on the base – and this was the finish.

And what a beautiful finish it was.

The new and improved sofa was covered in a soft grey velvet, with the addition or silver glitter fabric on each of the arm panels.

She also recovered each of the cushions to match the couch, and threw in some blush pink to complement the grey.

It seems she wasn't the only one impressed by her first-time attempt, as the post has since racked up over 1,300 likes.

Other members of the DIY On A Budget UK applauded the chuffed mum for her efforts, and even recommended some friends do the same after seeing the wonderful result.

One person said: "Wow! That looks fabulous! Impressive for a first try too! Well done you! X"

and another added: "Wow! That’s really impressive. You should be so proud of yourself. Wonderful"

While a third person wrote: "Amazing! I need to learn how because my sofas are so dated!"

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