Mum caught in middle of bizarre dishwasher habit by her neighbour – and critics call her 'grim' and 'disgusting'

But one mum may have taken things a little too far – admitting that she LICKS her plate before putting it in the dishwasher.

The woman confessed to her habit on Mumsnet, revealing that she'd been caught mid-act by a horrified neighbour.

She wrote: "Looked up, tongue mid-lick… to see opposite neighbour looking out her kitchen window at me, licking plates before loading dishwasher.

"I am not sure whether to be horrified at being caught out red-handed as it were, mid-lick, cleaning my dish before loading it in dishwasher or just, oh well, I love my food and none will go to waste whilst I'm around.

"It's gross though isn't it… I just can't get enough of the taste and I need to portion control, so don't want to leave anything!"

The woman later clarified that it was her plate, adding: "I had made myself a smallish portion of smoke back bacon, button mushrooms, slices of juicy ripe tomatoes, and a perfectly cooked crispy edged fried egg.

"I sat alone and thoroughly enjoyed my serving all to myself, all the flavours melded together.

"As the last bit of bacon and runny egg went down I stood up and carried my plate through to the kitchen where I pulled open the dishwasher drawer and couldn't resist thoroughly finishing every last drop."

But even though it wasn't her child's plate she was licking, there were still mixed opinions in the comment section.

One person wrote: "Licking plates is beyond grim. I've never seen anyone doing it nor want to – it makes my stomach heave thinking about it."

Another replied: "That's disgusting. You do seem quite pleased with yourself though. Please don't let the children do this, it would be noticed by school etc."

However, others thought it was perfectly innocent.

Messages included: "I don't lick my plates, but hey, do what you want in the privacy of your own house," and: "Oh, it's not that bad! Really!"

What would you think if you spied your neighbour giving their plates a once-over?

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