Mum divides opinion for telling excited daughter, three, Peppa Pig outside – only for tot to be confronted by a CARCASS – The Sun

A MUM has divided opinion after tricking her daughter into thinking her favourite cartoon character Peppa Pig was paying a visit – only for the unimpressed tot to discover a pig carcass was outside the house.

Little Dollie-Leigh Dickson was 'really excited' when mum Chelsea-Lee Blackburn announced that her favourite TV character was outside their home.

The three-year-old Peppa Pig fan raced to the window to greet her favourite cartoon character- only to discover it was a pig carcass being delivered to the nearby butchers.

Barmaid Chelsea-Lee, 29, said she's pulled the same prank before but it was the first time she managed to capture Dollie-Leigh's seriously unimpressed expression on camera.

The hilarious snap of the tot's face like thunder went viral on Facebook where it racked up more than 182,000 likes, shares and comments.

Chelsea-Lee, from Keighley, West Yorkshire, said: "She was really excited when I told her Peppa Pig was outside.

"I could see the disappointment on her face, she just looked at me like 'mum, it's not Peppa Pig'.

"Her face was so funny, it showed how mad she was at me for it not being the actual Peppa Pig.

"When she's disappointed with you, or she doesn't want to speak to you, she will do that face.

"Dollie's face is priceless and it was so funny, she's such an outgoing little girl."

Despite Peppa Pig superfan Dollie-Leigh falling victim to the prank on previous occasions, the tot always holds out hope that her favourite character will be outside her front door.

Chelsea Lee said: "We live across the road from a butcher and he gets pigs delivered weekly, Dollie jumps up at the window and loves looking at them outside.

"When we first moved here I wasn't too keen on that being there, but the more she's looked at it, the more she's not fazed by it – not one bit.

"She loves Peppa Pig, she's got everything that's Peppa Pig and always watches it on the TV.

"I get that it's not to everybody's humour, but I didn't expect it to go as viral as it has.

"We always play little tricks on one another, but she'll definitely fall for that Peppa Pig trick again."

Chelsea-Lee shared photos of the prank on Facebook, where it has received 21,000 likes and hundreds of laughing comments.

But other people are divided on whether Chelsea-Lee's prank is funny or a step too far.

One person commented, "That's scary why would you show that to a child?"

Another said: "That's disgusting."

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