Mum gets rid of massive coffee stain on her bed using £1.50 cleaning spray & it only took a few minutes

MOST of us enjoy a warm drink in bed, but there’s a danger you’ll end up spilling some all over your sheets.

That’s exactly what happened to one mum, who was left with a giant brown stain on the base of her bed after a mug went flying. 

But the Mrs Hinch fan has revealed how she got rid of the massive coffee stain on the base of her bed using The Pink Stuff spray – and it looks unrecognisable.

She shared her transformation to Facebook group Mrs Hinch Cleaning Tips New, where her tip has racked up dozens of likes. 

She said: “I love this stuff. Coffee dropped down the side of the bed, no problem.”

And explaining how she shifted it, she added: “I sprayed then used a scourer to scrub. Easy.

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“I tried a some patch first waited ten minutes to see how it was then did the rest. [sic]” 

Commenting on the transformation, one person simply said “wow”. 

Another wrote: “ I agree with you. It's brill.”

A third said: “Makes life much easier!”

While this person asked: “Omg I have these stains on the side of mine and hate it, I will do this……. Is it just spray and wipe???”

If you’ve got some unsightly stains you need to shift, The Pink Stuff costs just £1.49 online.

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