Mum hailed a genius for sharing how she celebrates New Year’s Eve with her kids & gets them to bed before 8.30pm | The Sun

THERE'S nothing quite as fun as a New Year's Eve party.

But letting your kids stay up to join in on the countdown might result in some grumpiness the following day.

One mum shared how she's managed to get the best of both worlds by celebrating with her kids and still getting them to bed on time.

Mum-of-two Jamie Rose revealed that she lets her kids celebrate the new year – just a few hours early, and encourages other parents to do the same.

Let's face it, not a lot really happens until the clock strikes midnight anyway.

You may as well bring the celebrations forward and speed up the night for the sake of their sleeping patterns if nothing else.


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She explained: "If you have littles let this be your sign to let them dress up fancy on NYE and put last year's countdown on the TV via YouTube at 8pm."

Chances are, your kids will have no idea that it's not quite the new year yet, but they'll still get to celebrate and ring it in like everyone else.

Jamie added: "Let them enjoy counting in the 'new year' and then ship them up to bed so you can count it in for real in peace."

It turns out Jamie isn't the only parent who celebrates the new year twice in one night.

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One person commented: "I used to run a pub, we opened at six and kids were out nine.

"We played this and gave them a glass of Shloer to toast."

A second said: "We're doing this for out daughter this year – she wants a party and won't last until midnight."

Another wrote: "That's so smart, when I was younger my parents just took us to their parties and we'd fall asleep on random chairs while they partied lol."

And someone else joked: "Doing this for myself since I can't keep myself awake past nine."

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