Mum mortified after husband sends family photo of newborn son moments after birth – and forgets to crop out her privates

IT'S one of the most important moments of your life – so it's only natural to want to have someone snapping photos of you and your newborn baby.

And the next obvious step is to text these heartwarming pictures to friends and family – although this mum's horror story might just make us all double check next time before pressing send.

Last week, American TikTok user wenfreed revealed how her husband accidentally sent a photo of her privates to his entire family after the birth of their son.

The mum-of-three wrote: "Remembering when my husband sent pics to his whole family on a group text just after our son was born without cropping them."

She then shared the exact photo in a video which has been viewed by over 645,000 people – which saw her and her husband smiling with their new baby.

But before posting it on TikTok, the mortified mum did what what her husband should have and covered her modesty up with an emoji.

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Luckily for her husband, she has no hard feelings and captioned the clip: "Bless his heart."

Along with racking up over 20,000 "likes", the woman's videos prompted other mums to share similar experiences.

"I had an emergency C-section and he sent them a picture of my daughter COMING OUT OF ME," one replied. "You can see my kidneys in the background."

Another added: "Pic of baby on the scale with me getting stitched up in the background…"

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"I got a pic with my partner like four minutes after she was born and put it as my profile pic," a third wrote. "Didn't realise my legs were in the air and everything out…"

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