Mum mortified as she calls police on bloke she thinks has dead body in boot of car – but it’s not what she expected

A MUM was left mortified after calling the police on a bloke she thought was causally carrying a dead body around in the boot of his car.

Turns out the dead body wasn't quite what she expected, with the red-faced woman joking you can never be too careful as she shared the funny incident online.

Posting on Facebook, the mum asked fellow parents what "crazy things" had happened to them, as she confessed to landing one man in trouble after noticing the unusual contents in his boot.

She explained that she had been filling up her car with petrol when a man in the car in front of her opened his boot.

"I look and then double take and look again. I get a real uneasy feeling. I get my daughter to take a picture as very concerned but she's asking questions and the boot is now closed and I say 'just get a picture of the number plate,'" the mum explained.

"She tries to take it leaning out the car and I'm shoving her back in saying 'no, do it discreetly'. She's asking why and I'm saying I'll tell you when I get in the car'. I pay and get in the car and tell my daughter there was a body in the boot of the car, wrapped up in bandages, curled in a ball, with the wrists bound with ribbon."

Unsure what to do about what she thinks is a pretty grim discovery, the mum questions whether she should call the police or whether what she'd seen had actually been a joke of some sort.

In the end, she phoned up the police and gave the bloke's number plate for his car, with the woman revealing officers took her call "very seriously", even turning up to her house requesting more information.

Investigating her claims, they later called the woman back to let her know they'd go to the bottom of the body in the boot.

It turns out the guy in question was a teacher and the so-called body was a Papier-mâché mummy for Egyptian week in his class.

She revealed that the man "luckily saw the funny side" to her calling the police and has since removed the mummy from his boot in order not to scare any more passers-by.

"Police did say that I did do the right thing though and luckily it was nothing sinister, but you never know," the mum teased.

Her post was liked over 5.8k times and hundreds commented, with others reassuring the mum that it was an easy mistake and similar situations have happened to them too.

"My brother was digging up a mates garden found an old pistol he took a pic. His son went into school telling them about a gun his dad had. Armed police went to his house that night surrounded house pointing guns at him lol," one woman revealed.

A second shared: "Nothing like this but I banged on a car window and nearly made a poor women jump out of her skin. She was asleep in her car with her mouth wide open and I was concerned that she might have been dead."

A police officer commented: "Haha I work for the police and we get various calls of this nature."


One person joked: "Hahahahaha you’re smarter than me. I’d have followed him and turned the whole drama into a Netflix special."

Others insisted that the woman had done the "right thing", even if it did turn out to be a false alarm.

"Love this, bet the police were relieved it had a happy and uneventful ending," said one more.

"Joking aside, you absolutely did the right thing!Many people (including me) would second guess something like that and never sleep again wondering if they’d allowed a murderer to go free and a victim buried in a shallow grave somewhere," said one person.

Another commented: "Of course you did the right thing and good on you! Because you do never know."

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