Mum-of-22 Sue Radford takes bumper brood back to Alton Towers after revealing it takes 4 hours to get kids out the house

MUM-of-22 Sue Radford has taken her bumper brood on another epic Alton Towers trip.

Sue, 46, from Morecambe, Lancashire, showed off snaps of her kids checking into a hotel for their stay.

It can’t be easy packing up 22 kids for a stay, and Sue shared a photo of wellies and suitcases lined up ready.

She added the caption: “All packed and ready for a fun few days.”

In other snaps, her children could be seen having dinner in a restaurant and exploring the hotel grounds.

The family are clearly fans of the theme park, as they have visited at least twice already this year.

In an exclusive chat with Fabulous following their half term trip Sue opened up about their chaotic trips.

She says: "If all of the family want to come with us on a day out, we will usually hire a 17-seater minibus. Or we just use the two seven-seater cars that we have if that's enough seats. 

"It can sometimes be hard work in the minibus, if we’ve hired one, keeping them entertained on the journey. We lose count of how many times we hear 'are we nearly there yet?”

And if you thought it was hard getting your kids out the door, Sue has 13 kids under 18 to ferry, as well as one baby grandchild who lives with them in Morecambe, Lancs.

She says: "We usually have to plan way ahead of time, especially if the older kids are coming with us as we have to make sure everyone can get the same time off work. 

"From waking up to making our way out, it can range from between two and four hours with all the packing, preparing, headcounts and not forgetting all of the double-checking.

Sue also revealed what's inside the family's extensive packed lunches – which allow them to cut costs on days out.

The family have to take 48 packets of crisps, as well as sandwiches, pork pies and healthy snacks like cherry tomatoes, bananas, satsumas, bananas and apples.

She says: "Depending on where we are going will determine whether we take a pack lunch or not.

"If we are going to a theme park, we won’t take one as none of us want to be carrying that around with us.”

Sue and Noel are parents to Chris, 32, Sophie, 27, Chloe, 26, Jack, 24, Daniel, 22, Luke, 20, Millie, 20, Katie, 18, James, 17, Ellie, 16, Aimee, 15, Josh, 14, Max, 12, Tillie, 11, Oscar, nine, Casper, nine, Hallie, six, Phoebe, five, Archie, four, Bonnie, two, and Heidie, one.

Sadly the couple's 17th child Alfie was still born on July 6, 2014.

The family famously doesn’t rely on benefits and is supported by their pie shop business. 

The Radfords, who live in a 10-bed former care home, often show off their millionaire lifestyle on Instagram.

This includes having an outdoor cinema, TV bed, new £6,500 fridge, and a £30,000 Range Rover car.

The family have recently opened their doors for Channel 5’s 22 Kids and Counting show, which documented their lives under one roof. In the show, Sue revealed they have spent £1million raising their large brood and she has been pregnant for 16-and-a-half YEARS.

Last year, the couple embarked on a massive DIY project, transforming their garden, including ditching real grass in favour of artificial lawn, to try and stop their kids from getting muddy in the garden. 

In other news, the Radfords revealed the chaos of going on a huge family walk during lockdown.

And Sue revealed the £30 grey paint she uses to achieve her Mrs Hinch style home.

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