Mum of newborn triplets shares her VERY hectic daily regime – and people are exhausted just watching her | The Sun

IT'S hard work having a newborn baby.

But imagine what life would be like if you had THREE of them?

Mum Dani Cruik took to TikTok to post a video of her incredibly hectic daily regime, after welcoming triplets into the world in May.

Her day begins at 5.30am, when the babies wake for their first morning feed.

After that they have a little nap, while Dani does her first expressing of the day – she actually expresses an astonishing seven times in just one day.

While her babies are sleeping she also takes the opportunity to prep their bottles and do some housework, before they're ready for their next feed at 8.30am.

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After more expressing and more housework, she squeezes in some play time with her eldest child – three-year-old daughter Billie.

And then the triplets are ready for more milk at 11.30am.

Following another expressing session, the entire family head out for a walk, before the babies have more milk at 2.30pm.

They then have another nap before a session of playing and stretching.

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It's then time for a bath, which they do every two to three days in the winter.

At 5.30pm they have another feed, before Dani expresses again, gives her babies cuddles and preps more bottles.

They go to sleep before waking at 8.30pm for more milk, after which Dani expresses and tries to catch a little shut eye before they wake up again at 11.30pm for another feed.

She fits in more expressing and more sleep before dad takes charge of the 2.30am feed.

Then it all starts again with the 5.30am feed the next morning.

She added in the caption: "Forgot to mention nappy changes, preparing meals for the family, Billie’s bedtime routine and 1,000 other things but you get the idea."

Responding in the comments section to the video, people admitted they were worn out just watching it.

"I’m genuinely tired just watching this," one wrote.

"I hope you have a great support system."

"I'm exhausted just watching this video. You are superstars!!!" another added.

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"All that expressing. Well done Mumma. I know how hard that is just for one baby. You’re a superstar," a third commented.

"omgosh! you must be exhausted!!! they are sooo cute," someone else wrote.

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