Mum reveals how rubbing a dishwasher tablet over your filthy oven door can leave it grime-free in minutes

Using just a dishwasher tablet which she rubs on the grimy door she has released amazing before and after pictures – and the difference is shocking.

The woman, writing on the Mums Who Clean Facebook group, said: "After years of using strong chemicals and a tonne of elbow grease to clean my oven I am amazed that all it takes is a dishwasher tablet, warm water and a light scrub.

"I didn't think it would be that easy."

Describing her process, she wrote: "Pot of warm water, dipped the dishwasher tablet in and lightly used it to scrub the glass.

"Back and forth dipping into the water to keep it moist and washing the grime off."

The images show the process of the grime coming off, while the woman works her magic.

Other people praised the woman's amazing hack.

"Mine worked a treat," said one fan.

One said she always used dishwasher tablets on tricky food stains that lingered overnight.

"I always use dish washing tablets if I have food really stuck on a dish," she explained.

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